Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The ASB Addiction

They are a drug known as ASB. Symptoms vary by individual but if a user is deprived of ASB for an extended period of time the following sypmtoms may occur: jitters, depression, short tempers, doodling of prancing horses on scraps of paper, humming of show tunes, harshly criticizing other breeds for how low their necks are positioned or how they cannot bend their knees and more.

There are many ways for a user to get their "fix". The easiest way is through direct contact and inhalation. Being able to touch and smell the ASB is often enough to settle the nerves of an addict, but it may also make withdrawls worse when it is removed. The next path a person may take is to attend one of the many ASB Venues across the country. The upbeat organ music, shouts and cheers from other users, and seeing the ASB in action can be as relaxing to the addict as physical contact, though it may take several days for full effect. By the weekend, the experience reaches its maximum.

Quitting cold turkey is never a good idea for the serious user. The side affects of trying to do so may come upon a person all at once. Even if the person is able to suppress those feelings, the desire, the pull of ASB will always remain. It may take years for a person to completely come clean after experiencing pure ASB magic, and even then if one comes in contact with another user, it may have a landslide effect on him or her, and it won't be long until that person feels the pull again.

Some never beat their addiction. It stays with them, always, and they are helpless to do anything about it. You will see these people at every show. Every conversation with this person revolves around ASB and other users of the drug. The person usually has an entire storage facility solely for a collection of ASB and ASB paraphernalia, sometimes more than one.

ASB is a relatively "safe" drug. Children as young as 5 have been exposed to it with no ill effects. Some even claim that ASB is a beneficial developmentary supplement for children. It is best, though, in some cases, to be guided by another who is experienced in dealing with the various side affects. An experienced addict will be able to direct a new user to the better parts of the scene.

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